Discover how to unlock your potential so you can reclaim your personal power without continuously operating from a place of distrust or doubt in yourself

If you’re someone looking to unlock your personal power, you already know the value and importance of self-development.


Unfortunately, many people on this path believe that self-development opportunities only arise from external experiences and outside forces, essentially searching for their true selves outside of themselves.


Without going inward via your Human Design, you’ll end up like most — living a surface-level life and still having questions about how to tap into your potential and power.

Do you…

Tend to question what your role is in this life and want to know what yours is?

Want to know how you best make decisions for your unique self?

Wish you knew how you're meant to use your energy internally and externally?

Do you often wonder what it's really like to live in alignment with your true self?

Have little to no confidence in your ability to detect when you're not living in alignment and how to shift out of that energy?

What can you expect?

intimate container

Six-weeks in an intimate container with Maggie

Specific to you trainings

Weekly 1:1 Zoom calls with concentrated, specific to you trainings

reflection worksheets

A reflection worksheet each week to help you better experiment that week

lifetime access

Lifetime access to your call recordings so you can always go back for a refresher!


I'm a transformational coach that specializes in Human Design.

After pursuing my online business full-time, I quickly saw how working on personal development as a business owner was not only a necessity but should be a priority.

I dove into incredible self-improvement resources, but none transformed my life in the way the Human Design system did.

I found that Human Design is the most practical way reclaim your personal power so you can live a fulfilling, aligned life.

I've since been on a mission to show others how transformative this system can be when they commit to themselves and uncover the potential that always been within them via their Human Design.

Let’s talk call schedule

Week 1:

Welcome + Authority - How you best make decisions for your unique self

Week 2:

Type - The special energetic frequency of your authentic self

Week 3:

Strategy - How you best use your energy internally and externally

Week 4:

Signature - What you will experience or feel when you are living in alignment with your true self

Week 5:

Not-Self Theme - What you will experience or feel when you are not living in alignment with your true self


Wrap Up - Final Q&A session, celebration, and next steps in your Human Design journey!

Learn the foundational five features of your unique Human Design over the course of 6 weeks with me in an intimate, 1:1 container for only $247!